April 14, 2022

New supercharger package for Harley M8 Touring - 2017-on

Following on from the huge success of our original package for M8-engine’d Harley-Davidsons, we’re pleased to announce our brand new CC Supercharger Package for 2017-on Touring models.
After months of development work, this new setup delivers incredible performance gains, but is also simple to install, thanks to the new Rotrex counterclockwise rotating supercharger. This unique design means the charger is driven directly by the crankshaft, doing away with the need for an additional chain and sprocket.
The Rotrex C30-94 is a highly efficient, centrifugal unit, which delivers strong, linear performance; there is no lag or delay, as with a turbocharger, just a wave of usable power. This translates to incredible acceleration, with great drivability.
During initial testing on our dyno, we made an easy 140whp on a stock 114 engine; a healthy increase from the factory 80whp! With additional engine work and mapping, the possibilities are almost endless, with potential for up to 400whp with a fully built drag engine. 
But there’s more to this package than headline numbers. Like all of our products, the Inferno conversion has been beautifully engineered for a factory look, with all of the components produced in-house at our Silverstone facility.
Each Inferno kit is made to order at our Silverstone UK facility, with a lead time of around eight weeks.
If you're looking for the ultimate Harley Touring bike, then this could be it!  

Inferno CC Supercharger Package for Harley-Davidson Touring 2017-on
Fits: All 2017-on Touring models* 
Power: 140whp to 400whp
Price: £4,600
*Models with leg shields will require additional modifications

Package includes:
Rotrex C30-94 counterclockwise supercharger, inlet plenum, intercooler, injectors, belts, all brackets, hoses and ancillaries, plus TTS base map (requires Powervision ECU)