Dyna Voltage Monitor

Product Overview II
Dynatek Voltage Monitors
The Dyna Voltage Monitor is a necessity for any battery ignition vehicle that does not have a charging system such as many race vehicles. The Voltage Monitor gives a clear indication of battery condition at any time with a quick glance at the three indicator LED's. The Voltage Monitor is housed in a small easy to mount case. The control electronics are epoxy encapsulated to form a tough durable unit. The Voltage Monitor can be used on any vehicle with a 12 volt battery system. The Voltage Monitor has three indicator LED's to show battery condition: green, amber, and red. When the green LED is on, the battery is charged. When the amber LED is on, the battery is starting to get low. When the red LED is on, the battery is low and should be recharged before further use.
Part No DVM-1
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