Honda Civic EP3 Type R Supersport Non Aircon Supercharger Converison

SUPERSPORT (non aircon)

​​Our bottom mount supersport kit shares many parts with our full race kit. The main difference being that the supersport kit is designed for road cars that may wish to stay with a standard engine. This kit uses a Rotrex C30-94 supercharger mounted in the standard air-con pump position. Coupled with Our race spec intercooler and high efficiency radiator this kit can produce up to 14 psi of boost and a 100%+ power gain when fitted with the correct supporting modifications. If you want a very fast yet usable road car then look no further than this kit! Brutal performance when needed and perfect road manners and drivability when being used day to day.

As with most of our kits, this bottom mount supersport kit is fully comprehensive and contains everything you will need to supercharge your vehicle (excluding engine management)


TTS would highly recommend fitment of a high flow exhaust system and uprated clutch with this conversion. 



Up to 420 BHP
Up to 270 of TORQUE
0-60 less than 5 Seconds
0-100 less than 10 Seconds
1/4 mile in less than 12 Seconds