Rotrex C38R Supercharger Pre Order Campaign

To satisfy a growing market demand and expand our product range, Rotrex is trying out a new way of bringing new products to market via Pre-Order campaigns. Over the years a common request has been a bigger supercharger for higher power levels than what our current C38 supercharger can deliver. Therefore the first product Rotrex will try to bring to market is a higher power capacity supercharger, named the C38R. If this campaign proves successful, there will be possiblities to bring many other new exciting products to market depending on customer feedback and needs.

What is the C38R?

Rotrex has successfully designed a completely new, higher capacity supercharger that maintains identical packaging and bracketry dimensioning of the existing C38 series, which allows direct retrofit in existing kits and/or on-road applications. The higher power density can now support applications of up to 900+ HP in a single stage boosting setup!  In house testing with preliminary compressor designs achieves more than 0.8kg/s (106 lbs/min) and a pressure ratio above 3.0 - final compressor performance is still to be defined.

The C38R is expected to be used in;

  • New kit designs for high power applications
  • Upgrades of existing supercharger kits
  • And as a power upgrade in existing on-road applications (C38 series retrofit)

How do I get my C38R unit? 

All pre-order deposits are placed at our distributors who participate in the pre-order campaign, please contact your local distributor for more information. All distributors participating in the Pre-Order campaign are listed below. First production batch is expected to be delivered in April 2018 and deliveries will be supplied first-come first-served. A natural requirement of the campaign and bringing the C38R to market is a minimum amount of Pre-Orders - make sure to place your Pre-Order today! 

  • Pre-Order campaign: December 2017
  • Expected delivery: April 2018

You can run this supercharger with modification to these kits;
Full Race Civic EP3 & FN2,
Bottom Mount S2000
Audi RS4
Audi S5
Audi R8 V8
Ariel Atom,
Suzuki Hayabusa
Hayabusa Car Applications
Lotus Elise (Type R Engine conversion)
Keep an eye out for the all new Audi R8 V10 Supercharged Conversion utilising this supercharger mid 2018.
The deposit is £500 to secure your order. Total price to be paid is £1995 + VAT