Clutch Upgrade Kit

Our Uprated clutch cylinder parts are a must have for any high power Suzuki swift sport that is using an uprated clutch with stronger springs. The stock slave cylinder piston and pushrod are made from plastic and are a very common part to fail when using stronger clutches. Our upgrade kit is a direct replacement into the standard slave cylinder. The new billet aluminium piston features a smaller diameter nose section that allows more clutch fluid to press against the back of the seal ensuring a greater fluid seal onto the slave cylinder bore. This also then fits into our high grade steel pushrod to eliminate the standard plastic pushrod from snapping.

The last piece in the puzzle is our replacement clutch bearing sleeve. Again this replaces the standard plastic item with a CNC stainless steel item for ultimate durability.

The 3 parts supplied in the kit can simply be rebuilt into your existing slave cylinder and clutch bearing using all the standard covers and seals.