TTS are prolific innovators in the design and manufacture of supercharger conversions for motorcycles and cars.

We've been at the forefront of supercharger technology for over 20 years, from fast road machines to out and out drag monsters!

Our philosophy is to increase performance, while retaining full drivability and durability, which is why we only use the Rotrex range of centrifugal superchargers. These compact and highly efficient units come in a range of sizes to suit most applications, and, unlike a turbocharger, they deliver instant, linear power, which is particularly well suited to motorcycles. 

Our Silverstone facility is fully kitted out with engineering and fabrication shops to manufacture any prototype, one-off component or small batch production. In addition, we have a rolling road dyno with the capacity to measure over 800 horsepower at the wheels.

Unlike any other supercharger the Rotrex unit is virtually silent in operation, but operates at much higher speeds than any of its rivals. The fact that it operates with a patented silent roller epicyclic gearbox with a step up ratio far in excess of any of the opposition, means that not only is it of higher efficiency over a broader speed range then any other supercharger, but it is also much smaller. This allows it to be fitted to smaller applications such as bikes.

This incredibly high speed (up to 250,000 rpm in the smallest unit) in turn allows increased boost levels and superior overall performance than other offerings on the market, despite their claims. Rotrex superchargers give a totally linear power delivery and instantaneous throttle response, allowing for a great drivability on all of our packages.