Dyna Mini Coils 3 OHM dual output

Product Overview III: Dynatek Miniature Series Coils
Dynatek Miniature Series Coils
Advanced magnetic core technology delivers high output in one of the smallest packages available. Great for customs where coils need to be hidden. These coils are designed for use with the Dyna 2000 and 3000 series ignitions, factory installed electronics, or other after-market ignitions that employ dwell control.
Twin Fire & Mini Coil FEATURES & BENEFITS:
  • No exposed laminations to rust and degrade performance.
  • High voltage and primary terminals machined from brass.
  • Ultrasonically welded and sealed against moisture.
  • Compact size fits easily under stock covers.
  • Peak gap current in excess of 50mA.
  • High impact thermoplastic housing.
  • Accepts 7 to 8.8mm wires.
  • Over 40,000 volts per output.

Two coils supplied per pack

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Part No DC1-2