FI controller Honda CFR450R, 2009-2011

Riders are able to select their chosen map and fine tune low, mid or high rpm ranges while sitting on the bike and without plugging in to a computer. Standard +/- 10% increments from selected Map settings, on USB equipped models different ranges are available using the supplied Control Center software.

What does the Dynatek F.I. Controller offer:

  • OEM style connectors and high quality wiring harnesses
  • Small, lightweight and easy to fit on a bike
  • Pre-programmed with FI controller fuel curve maps specific to make and model
  • No computer necessary for modifying fuel management
  • Fully adjustable computer compatibility* for ultimate tuning and personalization
  • Software is compatible with Dynojet's power commander maps, so you can download power commander maps to the FI controller

*only available with USB equipped models, Older models are only have +100% / -100% fuel adjustability with all changed made by adjusting the potentiometers.

For USB equipped models, the Dynatek Control Center software allows PC-based fuel curve map creations at 250rpm increments and 10 different throttle positions. Modifications parameters vary upon make and model of machine and fuel changes made in these increments are automatically interpolated between the rpm and throttle position ranges ensuring a smooth final power curve.

Users can lad up to 3 of their personally built fuel curve maps into the FI controller and select between then while on the bike eliminating the need for a computer when a new map is required. 


The part No for this item is: DFCD-1


USB connectivity included