GSXR1000 Carrillo Con Rod

Most people in the high-performance automotive, motorcycle, and marine industry consider Carrillo connecting rods to be the best available today. The Carrillo connecting rod is a precision, high-strength, quality connecting rod, and when properly installed and maintained, will perform faultlessly in today's racing and high-performance internal combustion engines. 


Ideal for the high revving highly tuned race engines whether track days or turbo or nitrous. The H beam Carrillo is hardened to Rockwell 42 it is the toughest rod on the market in our opinion.


This connecting rod is for a Suzuki GSXR1000 2005-2008.

The part No for this set is: SU-GS105>-8M4370S-00

Carrillo description of parts on the box is: 4cyl Suzuki GSXR1000 05-08 PRO-H 8mm CARR


TTS Performance Parts Ltd are able to supply all Carrillo parts on application. However, due to the custom nature of these items purchase is only available by phone on 01327 858212


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