TTS POWER Comp Compensator Ramp for Harley-Davidson M8

The TTS POWER Comp Compensator Ramp has been specially designed for 2017-on Harley-Davidson Milwaukee Eight engines that produce over 140 ft/lbs of torque.

With stock items known to fail at this level (and below), we developed this super-tough, uprated solution at our Silverstone facility in the UK.

  • Super-strong & rated to over 350whp & 200 ft/lb

  • Highest quality nickel chromium case-hardened steel

  • Rigorously tested on road and track

  • Designed & manufactured in the UK

  • Supplied to Harley-Davidson Race Division

The TTS POWER Comp is manufactured to be super-strong, utilising a blend of high-quality 655M13/EN36B nickel chromium case-hardened steel. In this hardened state, the part is not only highly wear resistant, but has a super tough core.

This material is similar that used for billet crank shafts and drive gears to name but a few. During testing on our super high-powered supercharged M8 engines, these ramps have survived 250 ft/lb of torque and even catastrophic engine failures, which have placed far more load than normal running.

We have supplied TTS POWER Comps to some of the biggest Harley-Davidson tuners in the world, including Star Racing, Darkside Custom Harleys and the factory Harley-Davidson Race Division.

Check out the dyno graph below, showing a mighty 275 ft/lbs of torque on our supercharged Harley-Davidson Breakout!


£315, plus shipping.


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