Honda CB1000R Supercharger Package

Our supercharger package for the Honda CB1000R (2008-2016), delivers serious thrills!

This comprehensive kit transforms the performance of the Honda, delivering more power and torque throughout the rev range, while maintaining full drivability.

Designed and developed at our Silverstone facility, this package has been proven on the road, dyno and drag strip. We have also tested it at an airfield, where it held its own against a £25k Ducati Panigale V4.

Check out the dyno figures:

Stock: 110bhp & 69 lb/ft
TTS: 192bhp & 102 lb/ft

Fits: all 2008-2016 models
Price: £3087 + VAT

Easy installation – kits are shipped worldwide.


Check out our videos, plus the guys from testing our CB1000R against a £25,000 Ducati Panigale V4!