Quick shifter

The Dynatek Quick Shifter (DQS) connects to the new 2000SE, Dyna FS and Dyna 3000 Fuel and Ignition modules that allows full throttle, clutchless shifting. This is done by momentarily cutting the fuel and/or ignition unloading the transmission and enabling the rider to shift up without rolling off the throttle or using the clutch.

The amount of "kill time" is adjustable by the user via the Control Centre software. The user can also set a minimum rpm for the system to function. This keeps the system from activating at too low rpm such as low speed riding.

This Dynatek Quick Shifter sensor mounts inline with the shift rod. The customer must provide the appropriate "length and thread" shift rod. This sensor is available in both "push" and "pull" styles depending on the direction the shift rod moves during an up shift. For most applications, a shift rod kit is available.