Triumph Rocket 3 Supercharger Package - Stage 1

Our Rotrex supercharger conversion for the Rocket 3 offers outstanding performance with no compromise in drivability. You can poodle around in high gear at the lowest revs and still pull away cleanly right through to the redline. The engine has instant throttle response and absolutely no lag in any gear from any revs, it has to be ridden to be believed.

​With the power output almost doubled, from 125 bhp to 230+bhp at the wheel and almost 200ft/lb of torque this bike is can out accelerate almost anything on the road.

Allow yourself a full day to fit, don't rush the installation, follow the instructions precisely and this conversion will be totally trouble free and give excellent reliability.

​This conversion is fully comprehensive Including the full supercharger kit, uprated clutch springs, larger injectors etc. As part of the kit we now include our upgraded hydraulic clutch conversion which will eliminate all the usual problems with the original weak cable clutch system. You will need the 'Tuneboy' engine management if you don't already have it; we supply the MAP to suit.