Triumph Thruxton R Supercharger Package

Our Rotrex supercharger offers outstanding performance with no compromise in drivability. The conversion allows the engine to pull hard from low rpm and accelerate cleanly right through to the red line with instant throttle response.

The incredibly small size of the Rotrex C15-60 supercharger means we can squeeze it into the tightest of places. The supercharger sits neatly within the bikes frame, giving complete clearance of your legs and the ground. 

This awesome conversion shows how the Rotrex unit can be used to the full in the tightest of installations. Generating 0.6 bar (9-10 psi) is enough to transform an already beautifully created, cafe racer motorcycle into a beautifully created cafe racer with a supercharger design that complements the bike and ensures the power is there at the precise moment you want to enhance your ride. The power is up by 60% with gains over the entire power range.

Yet this power is delivered in such a sublime way that a novice could ride it without being intimidated. Though this is not to be advised as being aggressive with the throttle and this baby will pick up the front wheel with ease in virtually any gear. It takes a very experienced rider to use the power available to the full. If you want an extreme machine that has horsepower with manners, this conversion is for you.

The Intercooler is out in the air stream. It cools the air giving a more dense charge and more power. The supercharger is well clear of your knee so not hindering your movement on the bike.

A belt cover has been added into the kit for safety reasons. This is machined out of Billet Aluminium and complements the conversion perfectly adding to the stylish features of the bike.


In July 2016, TTS received a call from Triumph Hinckley and were asked to produce not one but two supercharged Thruxton R’s. From the initial communication, we designed, jigged and manufactured two complete conversions in just 3 weeks burning every hour away to ensure they were ready for the Glemseck 101. 

All the work was completed within TTS’s 4 walls. TTS Boss Richard Albans came up with the fundamental design, calculating the correct positions to give the desired power. Paul Bembridge ensured all the necessary components arrived on time as delay was not an option. Alex Hammonds then detailed the CAD design, programmed our in house Haas CNC Machines and set them to carving the exquisite design from solid billet 6082 aluminium. Gary Graham fabricated and Tig Welded the plenum, intercooler and pipework, with Alex Burbeck and Ryan Purves doing a fantastic job of stripping and rebuilding the bikes with the new supercharger kit. 

The bikes went from a standard factory build 96Bhp to a thrilling thruxton thunder of 139Bhp, and increase of 60% and the torque from 112Nm to 157Nm. 

​The bikes were taken over to Germany, to ride in the Glemseck 101, with no other than Carl Fogarty riding ‘The White Bike’ and Christoph Lentsch riding ‘The Bulldog’ 

​Carl managed to win 12 of 12 runs, giving him the trophy adding yet another to his personal collection. 

​Max power 
Standard: 96 Bhp now increased by 60% to 148 Bhp 

Max torque
Standard 112 Nm now increased to 157 Nm


Rotrex C15-60 Supercharger, 85mm Pulley, Oil hose kit, 1L Rotrex SX150 Oil, In-line oil filter, Mocal Oil Cooler, 7pk790 belt, All fabricated boost pipework, Main Supercharger Crank Case Bracket made from Aircraft grade billet, Belt Guard, Intercooler, Fabricated Plenum, Blow off Valve, Breather Filter, All Silicone Hoses required, Full Fitting Kit, Full Colour Instruction Manual, Base Map

Optional extras:
High Flow Exhaust Headers
JE Low Compression Forged Pistons - Capable to take the kit to 180 Bhp
Powercommander V - to tune the bike. Please call for prices